Objectives & Outputs

1. Targets of Bioengineering Department

The Bioengineering Department bring its graduates these features:

  • Planning bioengineering experiments and data interpreting and commentating,

  • Understanding and describing the problems of bioengineering and having the ability of formulating them,

  • Efficient communication,

  • Understanding and describing the current subjects in public concern about bioengineering applications,  

  • Capable of multidisciplinary team studies,

  • Consideration of ethical worth,

  • Open for renewals and refreshing,

  • Ability of using the information and technology in the education period,

  • Educating engineers and researchers who will be able to work on international platforms, having the current issues about his proficiency in the undergraduate education, able to research and open for technological development.


2. Outputs of Bioengineering Department

The information and the ability that is targeted to be given to the master and undergraduate students due to the aim of education which was written upward has been considered as,

  • Designing experiments to solve the facing problems and having enough information to comment on the resulting data,

  • Having the ability of scanning, processing, analyzing and commentating data about bioengineering,

  • Having the ability of describing, modeling and solving bioengineering problems,

  • Communicating other people effectively,

  • Having some information about current issues,

  • Conscious of the local and global effects of bioengineering applications,

  • Capable of multidisciplinary team studies,

  • Having the ability to work individually,

  • Graduates who have a life time learning ability due to the developments in the changing world.