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The students Attending Graduation Thesis Course

You need to watch the informative videos about Lifelong Learning and then answer 10 questions about these videos in the form link given below.

You need to get at least 50 points from this quiz. If you get a score below 50, you can re-enter the form and answer the quiz questions again. Please note that you must get at least 50 from this quiz in order for the grade of your graduation thesis to be entered in USIS.

It is important that you write your e-mail address correctly on the homepage of the form. If you write the wrong e-mail address, your quiz result will not be sent to you.

With this form and quiz, you are one step closer to your graduation. As a Bioengineer, we wish you success in your life and remind you again that you should not forget the importance of lifelong learning.

Head of Bioengineering Department