The flow chart of the internship processes is presented below. You can get information from the responsible teaching staff named below in the Internship Commission.


It is important for our students to communicate with the responsible instructors in the following lists (Laboratory and Production) via e-mail , in order for the document delivery process to proceed properly in the pre- or post-internship processes.

Students whose names are not on the instructor list should contact Ress. Assist. Selcan AKAR.


Assist. Prof. Dr. Tuğba ÖZER (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Serap Acar DERMAN

Res. Assist. Ayça ASLAN

Res. Assist. Cem ÖZEL

Res. Assist. Hilal ÇALIK

Res. Assist. Gülcan KARACA

Res. Assist. Eda Nur YETİŞKİN MORKAN

Res. Assist. Beyza KARACAOĞLU

Res. Assist. Selcan AKAR


CLICK HERE institutions and organizations where internships can be made. These institutions and organizations have been prepared for illustrative purposes. Internships can also be done in other institutions and organizations that meet the internship criteria of Bioengineering department.

2022 Internship Informin Presentation

Internship Workflow Chart (ENG)

Internship Workflow Chart (TR)

Internship Regulations

Responsible Teaching Staff List for Production Internship (Update: 28 Mar 2022)

Responsible Teaching Staff List for Laboratory Internship (Update: 28 Mar 2022)



Internship Documents and Forms

You can access the most up-to-date versions of internship documents with the relevant form number from the link below.

Click for quality page


284 numaralı SGK Staj Formu

286 numaralı Staj Sicil Formu

285 numaralı GSS Beyan ve Taahütname

729 numaralı Stajerin Kurumu Değerlendirme Anketi

730 numaralı Stajer Değerlendirme Anketi

1266 numaralı Staj Ücretlerine İşsizlik Fonu Katkısı Bilgi Formu


Internship Book Uploading Form

After completing all the procedures, students who have completed their internship should scan their internship booklets and upload them to the form provided by the department.