Bioengineering is an engineering discipline which applies the principles and methods of engineering and physical chemistry sciences to life and medicine sciences for understanding, defining and solving the problems of Medicine, Physiology and Biology.

Yıldız Technical University Bioengineering Department aims to lead scientific discoveries, develop biomedical technology and connect life sciences and engineering by research and education.

The Bioengineering Department of Yıldız Technical University was welcomed its first master students in the spring term of the academic year 2003 - 2004. The Bioengineering Department has been continuing its master program since 2003 in the contexture of the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering. In the academic year 2007-2008, Ph.D. program was started.

In the contexture of our department, there are computer room, seminar room and classrooms. There are 4 research laboratories in which biopolymers, synthetic vaccines, enzyme stabilization and regulation, enzymatic reactions, DNA and drug delivery systems, drug design, development and characterization of biomaterials, gene cloning and protein engineering, biosensors/biochips, cell culture and tissue engineering, stem cells, chemotherapy and cryopreservation has been studied.

Our laboratories which are equipped with modern devices are supported by DPT, TÜBİTAK, YTU Research Foundation and there are internationally supported projects also. The Bioengineering Department has more than 250 undergraduate students and more than 80 graduate students. There are 14 teaching stuff, 12 research assistants, 2 specialist and 1 officer in the department.

Bioengineering Department, which is located in the Davutpaşa allocation unit, is continuing its contemporary education and researches. Yıldız Technical University is located in three different areas: Beşiktaş, Davutpaşa and Ayazağa. The students of Bioengineering Department can have the opportunity of using common areas of other campuses of the university.

In the Ayazağa campus, there are dormitory buildings with 600 student capacity. In the Davutpaşa campus, there are 2 dormitories for girls with the capacity of 108 and 20. There are 7 dining halls, cafeterias, a health center with 24 hour ambulance service, 2 gymnasiums, 2 open sports area and a sports center with fitness and aerobics saloons. Davutpaşa campus has sports center, fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, football field, tennis court, restaurants, 100 people capacity cinema, 20 student clubs, copy center and İş Bank branch.

Every year in May, there is a spring festival and the students join various activities for one week. During the festival, there are a lot of cultural activities such as concerts, chess tournaments, panels, conferences and also various scientific programs. Students exhibit their works on the branches of fine arts such as drawing, theatre, cinema, classical Turkish music, polyphonic chorus, modern dance and folk dance and they can also join the guitar, reed flute and lute courses.

There are possibilities to reach the campuses of the university from the main parts of the city. Also, there is a ring service between the campuses in certain hours.

Scholarship and consultancy are available in the university. Students can work in various units of the university as student assistant as a part-time job.
The chairmen and the personnel guide students in the subjects of lesson selection, to reach scientific resource, literature scanning, solving psychological and physical problems and foreign country relationships.

In addition to the facilities of our university, Bioengineering Department offers a contemporary and high quality education and research activities.